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The Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

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1 – Which flower is the official emblem of the Canadian Cancer Society?

2 – A new house is to be built at 348 East St. by what non-profit agency?

3 – Before July and August were added to the calendar, what was the eighth month–hence its name?

4 – Sarnia’s Amy Bladon has signed a letter of intent to attend Penn State University on a full scholarship in what sport?

5 – Named by explorer David Livingstone after an English monarch, what spellbinding water attraction in Africa can be heard from over 40 kilometres away?

6 – The clubhouse of what charitable non-profit motorcycle group is located at the northeast corner of Michigan Line and Mandaumin Road?

7 – Which English actor, famous for playing James Bond in seven films, died in May of this year?

8 – Hematology focuses on the study of what part of the human body?

9 – In which Washington Irving story did a Dutch villager in the U. S. sleep for twenty years and awaken to a completely different society?

10 – What website redesigned its logo in 2012 to look like a “mountain blue-bird with a dash of hummingbird”?

– Tom St. Amand (column # 159)

ANSWERS: 1 – Daffodil; 2 – Habitat for Humanity; 3 – October; 4 – Gymnastics; 5 – Victoria Falls; 6 – Lady Luck Riders; 7 – Roger Moor; 8 – Blood; 9 – Rip Van Winkle; 10 – Twitter











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