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The Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

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1 – What is the capital city of Sweden?


2 – What group will, organizers hope, receive 7,000 Christmas cards signed by local residents?


3 – In January of 2015, actors David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson made a reappearance on what resurrected TV show from the 1990s?


4 – Julian Service was named Ontario MVP as a member of what highly successful local team (with a 39-3 record)?


5 – Killer: My Life in Hockey is a new autobiography about what ex-NHLer and Leaf fan favourite?


6 – The premier of what new film by Sarnia-based director Aaron Huggett will take place next week at the Imperial Theatre?  (Hint: Set in 1880s near Lucan, Ontario)


7 – Until last week, when 117-year-old Jamaica native Violet Mosse Brown passed away, she was the last living subject of what English monarch?


8 – Which of these organs filters foreign substances out of the blood?

     Pancreas        Spleen         Stomach



9 – As this colour paint would dry the fastest, any Model T that Henry Ford sold was, for many years, painted only what colour?


10 – The Taj Mahal was built in the 17th century with the help of what animals — approximately 1,000 of them?


Tom St. Amand 


ANSWERS: 1 – Stockholm; 2 – Canada’s Armed Forces overseas; 3 – The X-Files; 4 – Sarnia Braves; 5 – Doug Gilmour; 6 – The Black Donnellys; 7 – Queen Victoria; 8 – Spleen; 9 – Black; 10 – Elephants












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