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2019 was a beautiful year for local nature photography

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Journal Staff

As regular readers know, The Journal takes a keen interest in the weird and wonderful wildlife found living within Sarnia’s urban environment.

Fortunately, the city is also home to some excellent nature photographers, people with the skill and patience needed to record these furred and feathered cohabitants.

Presented today are some of the best nature photos from 2019, chosen either for their rarity, beauty, or ability to convey an interesting story.

What have we here?
After crawling along a branch, an inchworm caterpillar stands up and appears to engage in a stare-down with a chipmunk in Canatara Park on June 4. Bad move. Moments later the caterpillar became a quick snack.
Ronny D’Haene
The creature from the Black Lagoon returns!
Actually, these impressive claws belong to a massive female snapping turtle attempting to mate with a reluctant male in Lake Chipican on June 9. Photographer Ronny D’Haene said the dinosaur-like creature, which he first spotted last years and nicknamed Behemoth, pursued and grabbed at the smaller male until it finally agreed to co-operate. A biologist who has studied photos of Behemoth said she could be as old as 100 years.
Ronny D’Haene photo
A great egret is reflected in the still waters of Lake Chipican while stalking fish on Sept. 6. Great egrets were killed in vast numbers in the late 1800s when their striking white plumage was used as hat decorations. Populations have since recovered and they are now regular visitors to Canatara Park.
Ronny D’Haene
A katydid appears to be doing a little tap-dancing atop a leaf in Canatara Park on Sept. 7. The insect is named for its loud, three-pulsed song that sounds a bit like “ka-ty-tid.” Most of the time when you hear an insect at night it’s either a cricket or a katydid.
Ronny D’Haene photo
This pair of pelicans created a buzz in Canatara Park in June when they stopped over for a few days in Lake Chipican.
Ronny D’Haene photo

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