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Week of July 6

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1 – To which city in Italy does the adjective Neapolitan relate?

2 – This Sunday at Canatara Park will be the first ever celebration of what types of food and products?

3 – What was the two-word name of the son of the novelist A. A. Milne who was the inspiration for his books?

4 – As part of Canada’s 1967 Centennial, the Inaugural Winter Games were held in Quebec City where the Sarnia Drawbridge Inn Knights won a gold medal in what sport?

5 – Seventy years ago this past week, what famous aviation pioneer went missing and was never seen again?

6 – The beautiful local gardens of Sandra and Roland Papineau prominently feature what flower?

7 – What organ makes up only two percent of your body’s weight, but requires a fifth of its energy?

8 – “Unleashed,” a fundraiser for what local agency, is being held this weekend after a hiatus of many years?

9 – As of 2016, research shows that a typical North American household has how many devices connected to the Internet?    5      7       9     11

10 – A collector recently paid over $18,000 for a hand-written what that Al Capone penned while at Alcatraz?

– Tom St. Amand (column # 145)


ANSWERS: 1 – Naples; 2 – Vegan; 3 – Christopher Robin; 4 – Basketball; 5 – Amelia Earhart; 6 – Roses  (400 different types); 7 – The brain; 8 – Sarnia Humane Society; 9 – Seven; 10 – Love song












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