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The Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

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1 – The Pittsburgh Penguins wanted to be “his neighbour,” so they made what long-time children’s TV host an honourary captain in 1991?


2 – This September, a mandatory Grade 11 English course for local students in the public school system will focus on what culture?


3 – Who experiences colour blindness more:  men or women?


4 – Twenty-seven beaches in Canada, including Canatara Park, will be flying what colour flag, to indicate environmental excellence and safety?


5 – The word “ovine” refers to what animal?


6 – Local residents Samuel and Maude Boily-Dufour, brother and sister, both excel at what sport?


7 – Opened on May 31, 1997, what bridge connects New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island?


8 – Earlier this month, what Sarnia-Lambton Rebound youth-oriented facility on Lorne Crescent formally opened?


9 – What author was the first to become a billionaire, only to lose that status when he/she donated a sizeable fortune to charity?


10 – What 2004 Michael Moore film about George W. Bush and the Iraq war is the highest grossing documentary of all time?


– Tom St. Amand


ANSWERS: 1 – Mr. Rogers; 2 – First Nations; 3 – Men; 4 – Blue Flag; 5 – Sheep; 6 – Swimming; 7 – Confederation Bridge; 8 – The Hub; 9 – J. K. Rowling; 10 – Fahrenheit 9/11












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