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The Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

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1 – “She can turn the world on with her smile” was the opening line to the theme song of what TV sitcom?

2 – What store on East Street has been serving fish and chips to Sarnians for nearly seven decades?

3 – Doctor Teeth and the Electric Mayhem was the band on what children’s TV show?

4 – A local delegation is currently in what country in the hopes of having Sarnia-Lambton named to the prestigious Intelligent Community Top7?

5 – NAFTA has been in the news lately.  It stands for what?

6 – On what street would you find the beautiful Sarnia Horticultural Society Garden, established in 1927?

7 – What is the medical name for the shinbone?

8 – Art exhibitions entitled Journey and Hooked on Wool will be on display at what local venue until Feb. 25?

9 – Reflecting the Trump administration’s use of “alternate facts,” the sale of what classic novel about a dystopian future is currently the best selling book on Amazon in North America?

10 – Foreclosure? Which country has renewed its crackdown on golf by shutting down 111 courses in an effort to conserve water and land?

– Tom St. Amand

ANSWERS: 1 – The Mary Tyler Moore Show; 2 – Perry’s Fish and Chips; 3 – The Muppet Show; 4 – Taiwan; 5 – North American Free Trade Agreement; 6 – College Street; 7 – Tibia; 8 – Bright’s Grove Gallery in the Grove; 9 – 1984; 10 – China







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