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The Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

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1 – In France, what letter of the alphabet would you use to indicate the hot water tap?

2 – According to the Lambton Woodlot Association, of the 1,816 square kilometres that comprise Lambton County, what percentage is forest cover?

3 – What is a Gordie Howe hat trick?

4 – The local Ride Don’t Hide events will be raising money for what cause?

5 – What world famous landmark opened its doors in Toronto 40 years ago this weekend?

6 – Between 1971 and 1989, what denomination of Canadian currency featured a picture of Polymer Corporation (now ARLANXEO) on the back?

7 – A recent scientific study revealed that a dagger entombed with King Tut was made of metal mined from what?

8 – Who is stepping down as chief of Sarnia’s Aamjiwnaang First Nation after serving six terms and twelve years?

9 – What 1,500-page epic novel divided into several volumes did Victor Hugo give the world in 1862?

10 – The very first Wal-Mart, Kmart, Kohl’s and Target stores all opened in the same year of what decade? (Three points for the correct year)

Tom St. Amand

ANSWERS: 1 – C; 2 – 9% to 10%; 3 – A goal, an assist, and a fight in one game; 4 – Mental Health; 5 – The CN Tower; 6 – Ten Dollar Bill; 7 – A meteor; 8 – Chris Plain; 9 – Les Miserables; 10 – 1960s (1962).















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