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1 – What flavour is Cointreau?

2 – Due to its deteriorating condition, what Sarnia pool has city council decided to close for this year at least?

3 – What was the name of Captain Hook’s ship in Peter Pan?

4 – The Sarnia Saints Rugby Club will be running a “Play it Forward” event in late June to raise money for what cause?

5 – Nearly two decades after writing the book Utopia, who was beheaded by Henry VIII in 1535?

6 – What celebrated SCITS grad and D-Day survivor was best known for playing Scotty in the original Star Trek TV series?

7 – According to botanists, it takes 4,000 crocuses to produce a single ounce of what spice?

8 – Next week at the Riding Club five women will be the deserving recipients of what award?

9 – When the yacht “America 3” won an America’s Cup race in 1995, what was unique about its crew?

10 – Before Jerry Springer, singer Andrea Bocelli, and Fidel Castro became famous, what occupation did they have in common?

– Tom St. Amand

ANSWERS: 1 – Orange; 2 – Jackson Pool; 3 – Jolly Roger; 4 – Afghanistan War Memorial in Veterans Park; 5 – Sir Thomas More; 6 – James Doohan; 7 – Saffron; 8 – Women of Excellence Award; 9 – It was an all female crew; 10 – Lawyers











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