Letters: week of Feb. 8

Recording in-camera city council meetings is a good idea Sir: Regarding the audio recording of city council’s closed meetings. As a taxpayer I feel that ALL meetings, closed or otherwise, should be recorded regardless of whether councillors want it or not. Doing so would eliminate some of the ridiculous cost of legal fees. When council… Read more »

Week of February 1

Let’s move City Hall into former SCITS building Sir: Most people who visit Sarnia’s City Hall have heard it said, “The building is too small, we need to expand, council chamber is no longer large enough,” etc. Much consideration has been given to this problem in recent years. Here is an idea a friend proposed:… Read more »

GUEST COLUMN: Liberal government has misfired on summer job grants

David Raes I am grateful to live in this amazing pluralistic nation. However, I believe the federal government’s new policy regarding summer job grants actually undermines our social cohesion. This year, the Liberals are requiring all organizations and individuals to support abortion rights if they want access to taxpayer funding, regardless of the nature of… Read more »

Letters: week of Jan. 18

Pedestrian safety Sir: In Sarnia there are many urban areas where sidewalks and or footpaths are non-existent. This poses a potential threat to life whether just walking with a baby stroller, dog, running, or just taking exercise with a brisk walk. This risk is greatly increased at dusk and beyond. The police constantly reiterate the… Read more »

COLUMN: Investing in mental health, addictions pays off

Tara Jeffrey For a long time, mental health and addiction in Sarnia wasn’t something to talk about. We’d hear rumblings about ‘3 west’ and the stigma that accompanied anyone who’d been admitted to the ‘psych ward.’ Addiction was shrouded in shame, and talking about suicide was off-limits. But there’s been a shift in recent years,… Read more »

Week of January 4

Here’s to a City Hall that’s mundane and predictable Sir: After reading about and observing the drama that has unfolded at City Hall these past few years, I think there is more than enough credit available, not only for the mayor, but also for the terrific supporting cast who perform on the stage at 255… Read more »

Week of December, 28

Health-care facilities must do more to prevent workplace violence Sir: I am reading with great interest a publicly accessible Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions study entitled “Enough is Enough: Putting a Stop to Violence in the Health Care Sector.” You can find it at www.nursesunions.ca. It states the number of violence-related lost time claims from… Read more »

GUEST COLUMN: Lambton College international students enrich entire community

Judith Morris At Lambton College we are fortunate to welcome students to our campus from all across the globe. As President & CEO, I’m very thankful for the diversity, innovation and economic contribution our international students make to the College and community. Their presence enhances the college and our intercultural understanding. As a community, we… Read more »

Letters: week of Dec. 14

Driver involved in fatal collision deserved stiffer charge Sir: On Dec. 5, The Observer published a story under the headline: “Woman dies one week after crash.” That was my neighbour, and she died on Oct. 21. A Sarnia Police spokesman is quoted as stating that lengthier scene investigations are the norm when collisions involve life-threatening… Read more »