Week of May 25

I’m tired of risking my life by cycling on Sarnia’s streets Sir: I was biking on the road last week as the law requires when my hat got blown off by a gust of wind and landed on the hood/windshield of a passing car behind me on Mitton Street. The driver was spooked and swerved,… Read more »

Original photo of Adolf Hitler

It isn’t every day someone walks into The Journal office with an original, unpublished photograph of Adolf Hitler. But such was the case recently when Sarnia’s John Helle arrived with a page from the family snapshot album. This image shows the Nazi Führer entering the village of Kurort-Jonsdorf in the fall of 1938, shortly after… Read more »

Letters, week of May 18

Time for city council to tackle more important issues Re: Coun. Scholten letter being ‘tired of constant disrespect” of May 4. Why is it that Mayor Mike Bradley and Coun. Dave Boushy must be held accountable to the Code of Conduct when it seems to not apply to Coun. Cindy Scholten? I refer to her actions… Read more »

Week of May 4

Councillor says she’s tired of Boushy’s ‘constant disrespect’ Sir: On Sept. 12 of 2016, city council passed a motion that “staff amend the procedural bylaw to create the position of Deputy Mayor & that council appoint a Deputy Mayor on an annual rotating basis with the member with the highest votes at the last election.”… Read more »

OPINION: Queen was no match for camping at Camp Kenny

Phil Egan By the time I was 12-years old I was already an unabashed, slogan-chanting Irish rebel. I knew all of the stories of the atrocities Oliver Cromwell had committed in Ireland, knew the tales of how the English had robbed Ireland of its food during the height of the devastating potato famine, and could… Read more »

OPINION: When messages take the long and winding road

Phil Egan Sometimes our mail and email take odd paths before they arrive in a mailbox. When I was a sea cadet spending the summer training in North Sydney, Nova Scotia at age 16, I sent a letter to my mother. This was the summer of 1963. My mother was confused when the letter finally… Read more »

Week of April 27

Councillor opposed to creating deputy mayor position Sir: We may be asked to consider the creation of a deputy mayor, a position that could put in place a new salary structure, now or in the future. A new expense at a time we are swamped with extensive new costs. We have seen the tremendous burden… Read more »

Jungle vines, water snakes and the naming of Tarzanland

Tom St. Amand Mystery solved. A recent column explored how a small wooded area on Canatara Park’s east side came to be called Tarzanland. The name, according to local legend, stemmed from a profusion of wild vines that grew there and the children who swung on them. Well, that is correct, says a Point Edward… Read more »