Letters: week of March 22

City Hall, please put the focus on cyclists and pedestrians Sir: Do we need bike lanes? Cars have dramatically reshaped our cities in their rise to dominance, but the effects of that transition are seldom talked about. They have dispersed populations, altered the form of cities by expanding the space between buildings, and diminished the… Read more »

OPINION: The day I witnessed greatness at a Barnum & Bailey circus

Susan Ward The Journal recently published a photograph that showed an elephant standing beside a man in a purple outfit on Point Edward’s waterfront. That man, Gunther Gebel-Williams, may well have been the most talented animal trainer that ever lived. Seeing his farewell tour with the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, in October of… Read more »

Letters: week of March 15

No excuse for dog owners on trail too pooped to pop Sir: This is to the kindly people who scoop their dog’s poop and neatly put the bag in a conspicuous place on the Howard Watson Trail. Do you think the dog-log fairy is going to come by late in the evening and dispose of… Read more »

Week of March 1

Thank you, Sarnia Sting for a terrific year on and off the ice Sir: I would like to say how profoundly happy and proud I am of the owners, coaches and support staff of the Sarnia Sting OHL club this year. It’s been the best year in their history to date, setting many in-house records… Read more »

OPINION: How on earth did a tiny Nordic nation win the Olympics?

———————————————————— As a Canadian, I felt tremendous pride watching our athletes perform so well at the PyeongChang Winter Games. The 11 gold and 29 total medals our skiers and skaters won vaulted Canada into third overall among the 92 countries competing in South Korea. That’s impressive stuff. But if you invested even five minutes in… Read more »

Week of Feb. 22

Accessibility? City Hall doesn’t know the meaning of it Sir: A recent news item stated, “accessibility really shines” at City Hall. No. We have walls around the Mayor’s office, to which disabled people cannot gain access. The door opens outwards instead of inwards, and if they press the button, then go backwards a bit to… Read more »

Letters: week of Feb. 15

Dog owners. Clean up after your pets! Sir: I have a news alert for dog owners. Your dog’s poo-poo does not disappear under the snow. It freezes and when the snow melts the poop is still there and it leaves a terrible mess for everyone else! The trails at Wawanosh Wetlands are disgusting, like tiptoeing… Read more »