Week of June 14

Centennial Park cost overruns have cost Sarnia taxpayers million of dollars Sir: Margaret Misek-Evans is the Chief Administrative Officer of an administration at City Hall that hired a contractor to build a new boat launch that had never built a boat launch before, and which was responsible for massive overruns on the Centennial Park remediation… Read more »

Letters: week of June 7

Andrea Horwath’s NDP is rife with extremist candidates Sir: It’s baffling and terrifying to see people backing the Andrea Horwath-led NDP in this provincial election. As they come into the light, we are really getting a taste of some of the twisted views their candidates bring to the election. Take for example Brampton-East NDP candidate… Read more »

Letters: week of May 31

Boater seeing red over fee increase to use city’s new boat launch Sir: The infamous Centennial Park project saw the restoration of the park, the removal of the existing boat launch, and the construction of a new boat launch at a cost of over $13 million from Sarnia taxpayers. In 2017, no public launch was… Read more »

Letters: week of May 24

Agree or disagree, but respect another’s right to free speech Sir: Regarding the letter from C.M. Law (April 26), I find it amusing the writer attempted to intimidate The Journal for allowing another letter writer, C.B. Eagles, the right to expression an opinion on abortion. Yet, C.M. Law expected his or her right of expression… Read more »

OPINION: Egad! An old Irish rebel finds himself warming to Royal Family

Phil Egan Meghan Mountbatten-Windsor, formerly known as Meghan Markle, is now, officially, the most fascinating member of the British Royal Family. At least in my humble opinion. She married Prince Harry on Saturday adorned in a dress reputed to have cost a king’s ransom. Her prince, I feel confident, would have justifiably thought her equally… Read more »