Letters, week of Dec. 11

Road will impact only short section of trail Fern Noel Given the current public interest, and my involvement in the development of the Howard Watson Nature Trail (HWNT), I submit some history, which might help to clarify the controversy around the 402 – Overpass/Trail situation. Many years ago, long before the HWNT, and shortly after… Read more »

GUEST COLUMN: So you’re thinking of having an affair?

Ronnie Littlewood Sarah is a sad, somewhat lonely 27-year-old woman who has been married for five years. At this moment she is looking at a website that advertises, “Life is short. Have an affair.” And at this moment, she is seriously contemplating it. If I could, I would tell her, “Sarah, cheating on him, will… Read more »

Letters, week of Dec. 4

Ho, ho, hold the Santa photo Sir: I have been called more than once an “Alberta Widow.”  Like many other families, my husband has had to seek work out west, as it currently makes more sense than a lengthy and costly career change. He misses out on our lives two thirds of the time, so… Read more »

OPINION: ‘No one has ever become poor by giving’

George Mathewson When the scattered members of the Mathewson clan gather for turkey dinner this Christmas we’ll be doing a cool thing about the presents. Rather than buy for everyone, as was once the custom, and rather than draw names, as we’ve done more recently, the adults will pool their money and give it all… Read more »

GUEST COLUMN: The exciting day I met my Grandpa

Umar Iqbal It was June 1 when my dad announced we were going to Pakistan. I was really excited! When the day finally arrived, everyone was running around. When we were 10 minutes away from leaving, I asked, ‘’Mom, when are we leaving?” I was excited to see all my family relatives, but most of… Read more »

Letters, week of Nov. 27

Columnist’s treatment in restaurant was shocking Sir: Re: Sheila Kozman’s guest column: Pet names a form of ageism. Sheila, I am disturbed to read about your experience in the restaurant. It was bad enough that the staff are not trained in the etiquette of addressing customers in a professional manner, but to have anyone make… Read more »

OPINION: Three engineering feats that shaped Sarnia

George Mathewson Rome wasn’t built in a day. Sarnia took about 200 years. Here are three engineering feats that shaped the city we call home today. Cull Drain In 1855 an engineer named James Cull pitched the idea of digging a canal to drain a vast marshland that stretched from today’s Modeland Road to Bright’s… Read more »

OPINION: Students respond to mental health survey

Lori Brush At first read, the original article titled, ‘Teens respond to survey on depression, suicidal thoughts’, I was deeply concerned with the message that was being conveyed about today’s youth as being disconnected, and in distress on a daily basis.  This is simply not the case. In November of 2013, the Lambton Kent District… Read more »

GUEST COLUMN: Sarnia-Lambton Gives, one text at a time

I remember one of my high school teachers saying to me, “No one has ever become poor by giving.” It was during one of those frequent discussions in religion class about the benefits of giving to others, helping the less fortunate; basically doing unto others … I’m sure you’ve heard a variation of the speech… Read more »

What’s Happening

WHAT’S HAPPENING What’s Happening events must be open to the public, of general public interest, 60 words or less, and received at least two weeks prior to the event.  Please include ticket prices, if any, and a phone number or website where readers can obtain more information. Email notices to info@thesarniajournal.ca. Wednesday, Nov. 19 Financial Literacy… Read more »