Letters: week of Aug. 23

MP Marilyn Gladu is doing a terrific job in Ottawa   Sir: I too would like to comment on the letters from Stanton Earle and C.M. Law criticizing our MP, Marilyn Gladu. I believe I speak for most Sarnia-Lambton voters when I say Marilyn is doing a terrific job and is doing us proud in… Read more »

Letters: week of Aug. 16

Canada’s border system is working well Sir: Some 20,000 to 30,000 Mexican agricultural workers come to work on Canadian farms each year. Do Conservatives want to build a wall to keep them out? You’d think so from their comments on the border. Migrants to Canada have a lower crime rate — including violent crime —… Read more »

Letters: week of Aug. 9

About those wet paper bags Sir: Regarding the July 12 story about picking up shrub, grass and other yard waste in paper bags. I think this is good process, ecologically, but it will need to be done on a weekly basis. I would suggest Sarnia council check out the curbside pick-up in the town of Fonthill,… Read more »

Letters: week of Aug. 2

A church is a house of worship, not a coffee shop Sir: Regarding the July 19 letter, “Failure to embrace change causing churches to close.” We were astonished at the shallowness of the explanations offered of why churches are closing. To say the main cause is a lack of coffee, the lack of “cool music”… Read more »

Letters: week of July 26

Sarnia deserves a new mayor Sir: I’m sorry, but the City of Sarnia deserves a change of mayor. Despite Mike Bradley’s years of service to this community, the last year or so has not been his best. His latest political “sound off” about “freedom of speech” does not give him the right or authority to… Read more »