Letters: week of May 24

Agree or disagree, but respect another’s right to free speech Sir: Regarding the letter from C.M. Law (April 26), I find it amusing the writer attempted to intimidate The Journal for allowing another letter writer, C.B. Eagles, the right to expression an opinion on abortion. Yet, C.M. Law expected his or her right of expression… Read more »

OPINION: Egad! An old Irish rebel finds himself warming to Royal Family

Phil Egan Meghan Mountbatten-Windsor, formerly known as Meghan Markle, is now, officially, the most fascinating member of the British Royal Family. At least in my humble opinion. She married Prince Harry on Saturday adorned in a dress reputed to have cost a king’s ransom. Her prince, I feel confident, would have justifiably thought her equally… Read more »

Letters: week of May 17

Liberal worldview on abortion wrong Sir:  The letter from C. M. Law (April 26) regarding mourning for aborted children is something to think about. The writer states that the old days and the particular cruelties associated with forced pregnancy are gone. Could it be that under this cloak of charity and compassion is barbarism and… Read more »

Letters: week of May 10

Congratulations on the newspaper awards Sir: Happy and good news is always needed these days. Congratulations to all the staff at The Journal for the recent awards. I always knew you were special. I enjoy your publication each week. The local content has something, or someone, of interest to our home. I always scan the… Read more »

Letters: week of May 3

MP Gladu misleading voters on Liberal job grants, gun control Sir: Sarnia-Lambton MP Marilyn Gladu has publicly stated Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party Summer Jobs funding criteria infringes upon freedom of belief. That is tap dancing around the truth. The funding criterion has nothing to do with what anyone chooses to believe. It asks Canadians to… Read more »