OPINION: Ministry has failed all Sarnians

George Mathewson When Gord Miller slammed the environment ministry for inaction on chemical exposure at Aamjiwnaang last week he stated what Sarnians know is true but hate to admit  – our First Nations residents are treated like second-class citizens. Ontario’s Environmental Commissioner called the Environment Ministry’s failure to adequately respond to the impact of spills… Read more »

Letters, week of Oct. 16

Wind turbines aren’t hurting anyone Sir: Re Lambton battling turbines I’m convinced that the first person to whine about wind turbines was someone who watched their neighbour receive gobs of money for installing one, while they were overlooked. There hasn’t been a shred of reliable evidence showing any detrimental effects to humans. If the appearance… Read more »

GUEST COLUMN: Ugly signs show lack of civic pride

Olivia Seibutis It’s funny how quickly I condemn Michigan’s I-69 highway for its barrage of billboards littered every hundred meters, making the construction and cracked roads seem only that much worse, because it was recently brought to my attention that Sarnia may not be so different. Thanks to repairs in more recent years, our roads… Read more »

Letters, week of Oct. 9

Bridge barriers won’t stop suicide Sir: I am concerned about the Blue Water Bridge jumps that have happened over the last couple months in Sarnia-Port Huron. I have heard they are considering putting up barriers, but do you honestly think that it’s going to work? Adding barriers is not going to solve any problems. The… Read more »

What’s next for Centennial Park

George Mathewson  Reclaiming the north end of Centennial Park for public use will not come cheap, but it will come sooner. In one of its final acts, the outgoing city council voted last week to pay a premium and get the ball rolling on the remediation of the park’s contaminated ground. The low bid of… Read more »

Letters, week of Oct. 2

Incredible support for powerboat races Organizing a sporting event and extravaganza that attracts 60,000 weekend spectators is by its very nature a challenge, whether it takes place in a hockey arena, a football stadium, a major league ballpark or basketball coliseum. What’s even more daunting is pulling it off at a venue that straddles an… Read more »

Spilling the beans on heavy oil

George Mathewson As an occasional boater who enjoys the St. Clair River I’ve long been curious about the “Do Not Anchor” signs on shore. The signs are posted at various spots on both sides of the river, and their evident purpose is to prevent an anchor dragging behind a freighter or pleasure boat from hooking… Read more »

GUEST COLUMN: Don’t run your dog beside a bicycle

Sheila Kozmin On that very hot first Friday of this past September local temperatures hovered at 30 C., feeling more like 39 C. with the humidex factored in. While comfortably driving in my air-conditioned car I was aghast to observe a woman riding her bicycle at a fair clip while forcing her leashed dog to… Read more »

OPINION: Baseballers gives council paws

George Mathewson A quiet turf war is underway pitting poodles against pitchers, and shortstops against shih tzus. In April, Sarnia approved a south-end dog park to provide dog owners with the city’s second leash-free zone. It seemed ideal. City staff liked the concept and foresaw no problems. A group called the Clearwater Dog Park Committee… Read more »

Letters, week of Sept. 25

Showcasing Sarnia to others Sir: My co-workers at CMHA Middlesex have wondered why I commute from Sarnia to London for work. I compare my travel to that of a Torontonian, or even a Londoner, who takes an hour on public transit to reach the job. It just works that way for some people. This past… Read more »