COLUMN: Breaking the silence on pregnancy loss

Tara Jeffrey The emergency department is the last place anyone wants to be; but it’s particularly devastating when you’re losing a pregnancy. My first miscarriage found my husband and I in that position last fall at Bluewater Health, where I feared our experience would be cold, quick and compassionless. Instead, after a few tests, the… Read more »

GUEST COLUMN: Where are the diaper change tables?

Kelly Dowswell I joined the exciting and challenging world of parenthood just four short months ago. They have been the most rewarding and draining months of my life, but I wouldn’t change them for anything. But one of the challenges I have surprisingly faced is the lack of change tables in restaurants, cafes and other… Read more »

Letters, week of June 11

  Bible has answers to life’s questions Sir: With regard to the letter that asked the question: “How would Jesus vote?” According to the Book of John (18:36), Jesus did not get involved in political issues because His kingdom is not of this world. But He did have some things to say regarding moral values…. Read more »

GUEST COLUMN: Sarnia’s true founder died broke

Pat McLean Ask anyone if they know who Malcolm Cameron was, and most won’t know anything but the name. But we should. In my opinion, he was the true founder of our city. In 1834, Cameron bought 200 acres from the Crown for the sum of 400 pounds ($1,600). His property extended from the St. Clair River… Read more »

Letters, week of June 4

Sex-ed curriculum offensive Sir: I find Allan McKeown’s letter of Thursday, May 21, as disturbing as the new Sex Education curriculum. I do not know Mr. McKeown’s political affiliation, but he has certainly used Liberal tactics in his letter. It is that perspective and consideration that I write from. The letter tries to portray tolerance,… Read more »

OPINION: Time to stop the killing

George Mathewson Bluewater Power linesman Mike Leach was working to repair storm damage on Passingham Drive on Oct. 31, 2012, when something went horribly wrong. He and a co-worker had cleared tree limbs broken in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and were beginning to work on a downed hydro line in Bright’s Grove. Leach, who… Read more »

GUEST COLUMN: Let’s get junk food out of sports

Nadine Devin I am a Registered Dietitian and mother of three. For both reasons I have a profound passion for child nutrition. In my household, we moderate how often our children receive treats.  I use the concept “Go, Slow, Whoa” with my kids and in my teaching with families I work with. Treats are “Whoa.”… Read more »

Letters, week of May 28

Air Cadets grateful for support Sir: On behalf of 44 Sarnia Imperial Air Cadets we would like to thank local businesses that allowed cadets to stand at their doors, and the community of Sarnia for its support on our recent ‘tagging” weekend. The cadet experience is provided at no cost, but it isn’t free. Your… Read more »

Diarist offered early description of Sarnia

George Mathewson Recently we featured an early description of Sarnia by Freeman Talbot, who arrived at “The Rapids” in 1827 as part of the area’s first survey team. Today we offer another first-hand glimpse through the eyes of one Julia Marie Jones, who, in the summer of 1830, kept a journal of her trans-Atlantic crossing… Read more »