Guest Column: Keeping the lighthouse fires burning

Monica Royal Three years ago my husband and I stayed at the Big Bay Point Lighthouse Bed and Breakfast in Michigan, on Lake Superior. The 1896 structure is the only operational lit B & B lighthouse in North America, and reputed to be haunted. The romance and lore of it stirred my curiosity, and I… Read more »

Letters, week of Aug. 27

West Nile risk overblown? Sir: On a recent newscast we were advised that mosquitoes found near Forest tested positive for the West Nile virus. The commentary went on to say that less than one percent of humans who contact the virus get sick. Furthermore, only two times has the virus have been detected in Lambton County this… Read more »

GUEST COLUMN: Sarnia needs more strategic thinking

John G. Dickson This autumn, city council will schedule some time to refresh Sarnia’s Corporate Strategic Plan. The current document was last reviewed in 2008 — seven years (or two local elections) ago. Because the update will include public input opportunities, the following insight might just prove useful to everyone. It’s typical to hear statements… Read more »

Letters, week of Aug. 20

Thanks, mothers, for raising children right Sir: We have been catering at the Sarnia Riding Club the past 15 years, and quite a few young people began working with us from the age of 15. Some were dishwashers or servers or helped my husband in dinner preparations, and myself in preparing French pastries for events. All… Read more »

GUEST COLUMN: First Nations and the vote

Michael Eshkibok The Assembly of First Nations (AFN) is encouraging First Nations to get out and vote because it believes Native people can influence up to 51 ridings in this federal election. First Nations issues do matter, and the only way to do something about it is to vote MPs out of office if they… Read more »

OPINION: One finger in a leaky dike

George Mathewson Growing up I was fond of the story of the Little Dutch Boy, who was walking home from school one day and spotted water leaking from a small hole in a dike. Sticking his finger in the hole until the big people could arrive, he stopped the trickle from becoming a stream and… Read more »

OPINION: Old letter to city bigwig surfaces

George Mathewson Journal reader Robin Jewell made a surprising discovery recently while leafing through a box of old papers he bought online. Beneath a pile of stamps he found a letter addressed to one James Flintoft, Esq. with a postmark of Port Sarnia. It’s dated February 26, 1852. “I was blown away. It seemed to… Read more »

Letters, week of Aug. 13

This government must go Canada executed a free trade agreement with the United States and Mexico in 1994, and the hollowing out of the Canadian economy was underway. The United States was given free entry and access to our manufacturing sector. The results of this free trade agreement are as follows: – Control of our… Read more »

GUEST COLUMN: Where were you when the lights went out?

Nadine Wark There are defining moments in our lives when we can vividly recall what we were doing at a particular time; Aug. 14, 2003 was one of those moments. The day became known as Blackout 2003 when the lights did, indeed, go out, affecting 50 million U.S. and Canadian residents. In Ontario alone, 10… Read more »

LETTERS, week of Aug. 06

Idle turbines a waste of money Sir: My husband and I took a daytrip to Courtland last week. On the drive, we passed three worksites, all funded by the Government of Ontario. At the first site, there were 18 crew members. Three of them were working while the other 15 stood doing nothing. At the… Read more »