Opinion: Excuses made for trail encroachers getting old

Wildflowers (phlox ) along the Howard Watson Trail. Glenn Ogilvie

George Mathewson Sarnia finally appears to be getting serious about human encroachment on the Howard Watson Nature Trail. A ‘Guide for Neighbours’ has been prepared that clearly explains why people shouldn’t erect fences, dig gardens, and build storage sheds on public property. It should be obvious why protecting a thin band of what remains of… Read more »

How do you solve a problem like Maria?

Maria Charlotte Vidal

Tom St. Amand A resident of Maria Street recently asked why the name of his street is pronounced “Ma-RYE-ah” and not “Mar-EE-ah.” It is confusing, especially since we’re more accustomed to Mar-EE-ah: Maria Sharapova, Maria Callas, Maria Shriver. Popular songs like “Maria” from West Side Story and The Sound of Music’s “How do you solve… Read more »

Week of March 2

Letters to the editor

A token amount of appreciation Sir: I have been a frequent user of the Blue Water Bridge for nearly 20 years. I did use the tokens that were tossed into a basket to make the gates to open. In the last few years, however, the system was changed to make the crossing more difficult. The… Read more »

OPINION: Sarnia slowly emerging from its poor reputation

201409006 (1)

George Mathewson Sarnia has an image problem, as many of its residents are painfully aware. But like the cities of Hamilton (steel) and Sudbury (nickel smelting) Sarnia is slowly shedding its negative image thanks to a dramatically cleaner environment, economic diversification and changes in attitude. And others are taking note. Take the travel story published… Read more »

Week of February 23


Comparing county Official Plan to Nuremberg trials offensive Sir: I have been following the concerns regarding the County of Lambton Draft Official Plan. It may perhaps be necessary for our county council to tweak the plan in order to protect taxpayer interests. It is certainly the right of taxpaying Canadians to question legislation and proposed official… Read more »

Week of February 16


More important than ever to keep our community parks Sir: Regarding the piece on Baxter Park, “A council Q&A – should Sarnia sell off its surplus land?” With respect, I think The Journal asked the wrong question and effectively missed the whole point of the matter. Over the past several years “Baxter Park,” to those… Read more »

Opinion: Let’s be grateful for Trump’s attempt to keep out terrorists

The Blue Water Bridge, looking east from Port Huron, Michigan in Point Edward. 
Glenn Ogilvie file photo

Peter Clarke Social and the liberal left media have gone ballistic over U.S. President Donald Trump’s immigration crackdown. There has been more outrage from the left over his so-called Muslim ban than over terror itself. More placards decrying the plight of a few tourists and travellers, than over the bodies blown apart by Islamic extremists… Read more »