Week of April 27

Letters to the editor

Councillor opposed to creating deputy mayor position Sir: We may be asked to consider the creation of a deputy mayor, a position that could put in place a new salary structure, now or in the future. A new expense at a time we are swamped with extensive new costs. We have seen the tremendous burden… Read more »

Jungle vines, water snakes and the naming of Tarzanland

A path leading into Tarzanland near Michigan Avenue.
Journal Photo

Tom St. Amand Mystery solved. A recent column explored how a small wooded area on Canatara Park’s east side came to be called Tarzanland. The name, according to local legend, stemmed from a profusion of wild vines that grew there and the children who swung on them. Well, that is correct, says a Point Edward… Read more »

Week of April 20

Letters to the editor

People should have been consulted on voting system change Sir: With regard to the City of Sarnia recently awarding a telephone and Internet voting contract, four-time mayoral candidate Carlos Murray suggested this concept some 20 years ago. He wanted “every citizen to vote on council issues” and his proposal was “through electronic voting allowing people… Read more »

Trio of Sarnians helped Canada win wartime ‘Tea Bowl’

Frank Dombrowski of the U.S. Army congratulates Canadian Captain Bill Drinkwater following the 'Tea Bowl' game played at White City Stadium in London, England in 1944. 
Photo courtesy Capt. Jack H. Smith/ Dept. of National Defence

Tom Slater One wet winter evening in 1944 Canadian Major Dennis Whitaker, a former CFL quarterback, found himself sitting in an English pub beside a U.S. Special Services lieutenant. The conversation turned to football and the American told Whitaker he’d been sent enough equipment from the States to field six football teams. Several rounds later,… Read more »

Letters, week of April 13

Letters to the editor

Life lessons learned on the basketball court Sir: Thank you so very much for the article and photos in the March 30th edition about the absolutely awesome basketball program that just wrapped up. The Sarnia Evangelical Missionary Church, Bluewater Baptist Church and Paterson Memorial Presbyterian Church operate the program, called Upwards Basketball. Our granddaughter Mya… Read more »

OPINION: Finding the right words hard when someone grieves


Matt Barnes “I know exactly what you’re going through.” “It’s been a year. You should be over it by now.” “They’re in a better place.” “I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes.” Those are just a few of the responses people in our weekly ‘Walking with Grief’ group have heard after losing a loved… Read more »

OPINION: City’s aviation industry nurtured by Port Huron man

U.S. Navy Ensign John Blunt became a business giant in Sarnia's industrial life.

Phil Egan While reviewing a mass of historical research documents recently a story caught my eye. “Describes Beachhead,” The Observer story was entitled. “Ensign John Blunt at Rotary Club” It described a Dec. 5, 1943 presentation delivered to the Sarnia Rotary Club at the Vendome Hotel by Ensign Blunt, a U.S. Navy Seabee. The “Fighting… Read more »

Letters, week of April 6

Letters to the editor

Doctor responds with facts about use of methadone clinics Sir: Re: the March 23 letter “Methadone clinics used to segregate addicts from others.” Mr. Roach must believe he has some expertise given he feels qualified to “set the record straight” about methadone clinics. We are told he knows one person with opioid use disorder (OUD)… Read more »

Tarzanland: “Aaaaaah Aaaaaaaah AaAaAa aaaaaaaah!”

Philipp Czakert, a visitor from Germany, reads an information panel about the plants and animals in Tarzanland, the city's prized 22-acre hardwood forest in Canatara Park. The bio-medical engineering student spent a few days in Sarnia last week while on a two month cycle-tour of Ontario and Michigan. Czakert said he uses a phone app to find like-minded travellers and places to stay overnight while on his journey.
Glenn Ogilvie

Tom St. Amand In an online review of Canatara one tourist has noted that the park’s best-kept secret is a wooded area “locals have fondly nicknamed ‘Tarzan Land.’ Certainly, the 22-acre woodlot is no secret to Sarnians but how it came to be called Tarzanland more than 70 years ago is a bit of a… Read more »