Remember when girls had to attend ‘Home Ec’ classes?

Phil Egan My wife Laurie and her sister, Mary, tell school tales about “home economics” that would sound strange to today’s school kids. Laurie went to High Park School but remembers hurrying over to Hanna Memorial for “Home Ec.” They had a full kitchen in the school, and the girls in Grades 7-8 were required… Read more »

Week of July 20

I bought them and I planted them, so they are my trees Sir: I am the owner of a 60-by-157 foot lot in the north end of the city, which was once a farmer’s field. One of the first things we did after moving in was to plant two trees – one in the front… Read more »

Letters, week of July 13

Kudos to Journal photographer for his great sense of timing Sir: For once I am not writing to express my abhorrence at the cruel and vindictive way Sarnia city council is treating Mayor Bradley. The Integrity Commissioner should pay Bradley a Commission. No, I write to convey my admiration for Glenn Ogilvie, The Journal photographer,… Read more »

Week of July 6

People want to protect city parks, council should listen Sir: I’d like to offer a special thank you to all who attended the public meeting on June 13 at Clearwater Arena that addressed the options pertaining to the sale of parkland. There was standing room only. I was impressed by the knowledge of the people… Read more »

OPINION: Misguided tree bylaw leaves homeowners stumped

George Mathewson I doubt the administrators at City Hall meant to trigger a widespread slaughter of healthy trees when they pushed for a municipal tree bylaw. But that is exactly what’s happening right now. All across the city, homeowners are eagerly removing trees from their property before the municipality tells them that they can’t. Their… Read more »

Letters, week of June 29

Mayor penalized enough by city council’s “Fab Five” Sir: So Mayor Mike Bradley went to Toronto to discuss current issues with other mayors and a government official. Did he have permission from council’s “Fab Five,” as I’m sure they were concerned he would “offend” someone, re: the Code of Conduct. Was he also on his… Read more »