Letters: week of Oct. 18

Squirrel Man thanks motorists for sparing wildlife on road   Sir: Good day. It’s the Squirrel Man again. I would like to thank the motorists who slow down and watch for children and wildlife on South Christina Street. I am located across from Rainbow Park and love the squirrels, which I consider my wild outdoor… Read more »

OPINION: Why adding fluoride to water should be halted immediately

Agneta Czechowicz As a Registered Dental Hygienist of 25 years, I have always questioned and disagreed with artificial water fluoridation, despite the fact it is promoted as being “safe and effective.” I feel it is unethical to medicate the population through the water supply for the purpose of preventing tooth decay. The majority of Europe… Read more »

Ceremony remembers sacrifice of brave city police constable

Phil Egan The moment was both magical and haunting. On Sept. 30 in crowded downtown hall, Detective Const. Ken McLachlin sang a ballad he’d written in honour of a fallen brother officer. It was National Police and Peace Officers Day and present were more than 100 of the fallen officer’s family. ‘The Ballad of Jack… Read more »

Letters: week of Oct. 4

Letter about eVoting showed a basic lack of understanding Sir: Regarding the Sept. 6 letter, ‘Missing information about eVoting.’ It was full of misinformation. I’ve been in the IT industry over 20 years and am a Solutions Engineer for a leading data protection company. Let me clarify some things. The requirement to eVote is simply to have… Read more »

Letters: week of Sept. 27

Sarnia has great slate of candidates running for city council Sir: Wow! Kudos to all for the great coverage of the coming election for city councillors. All the print media is doing even better than usual in providing us with solid information on the candidates. The Chamber of Commerce has also stepped in with a… Read more »