Week of November 30

Isn’t advocating for Sarnia the job description of a councillor? Sir: I recently read a letter in another newspaper in which Anne Marie Gillis called herself an advocate for Sarnia. Kudos to Ms. Gillis for her efforts to promote the well being of Sarnia’s citizens, taxpayers and voters. However, am I missing something here? Would… Read more »

Letters: week of Nov. 23

Why Remembrance Day shouldn’t be a holiday Sir: On Nov. 11 I travelled to Chatham to instruct a class of 22 men ages 17-30 on how to become good hockey coaches. On the way, I thought about pausing at 11 a.m. for a moment of silence to remember those who fought for our freedom. I… Read more »

Week of November 16

A thank you, to all the good people out there Sir: I lost both my wallet and prescription sunglasses in the parking lot of a city grocery store on Nov. 1 I would like to thank the person who left the wallet on the corner of Hilary and Maxwell streets. I would also like to… Read more »

Week of November 2

Happy to be back in ‘Pleasantville’ Sir: Regarding your editorial, ‘Six Things I Love About Sarnia,’ I have a few observations to add. I moved away from Sarnia about 30 years ago and lived in the GTA for most of that time. Over those years, when I came back to Sarnia to visit relatives and… Read more »