Week of March 23

Letters to the editor

Sarnia community must do more to support our youth Sir: Sarnia teens have a lot to offer. Many are talented in the arts, music, fashion, skateboarding, etc. What is our community doing to help encourage this? In the wake of what seems like an epidemic of suicide among our youth, it makes sense for this… Read more »

Week of March 16

Letters to the editor

Naturalizing can create a yard greener than grass Sir: The lawn was appropriated as a status symbol from aristocratic landowners of the old world. The grass was maintained by grazing animals and manicured for garden parties: a display of wealth and prestige for the houses of nobility that could afford such tedium. Today, this display… Read more »

OPINION: Where is the body of Elizabeth Workman?


Randy Evans and Gary Shrumm The old Sarnia Jail was the site of three executions, namely Thomas Cleary (1862), Elizabeth Workman (1873) and Stephen Kiyoshk (1941). The fate of each was determined by a Sarnia jury finding them guilty on a murder charge, and the resulting mandatory sentence of death. Any commutation of sentence or… Read more »

Week of March 9

Letters to the editor

City Hall demands money for info that should be public Sir: On Feb. 22 I wrote a letter to Mayor Mike Bradley, with copies to all council members, and asked the city clerk to place the letter on the agenda for the council meeting on Monday, Feb. 27. The city clerk not only refused my… Read more »

Opinion: Excuses made for trail encroachers getting old

Wildflowers (phlox ) along the Howard Watson Trail. Glenn Ogilvie

George Mathewson Sarnia finally appears to be getting serious about human encroachment on the Howard Watson Nature Trail. A ‘Guide for Neighbours’ has been prepared that clearly explains why people shouldn’t erect fences, dig gardens, and build storage sheds on public property. It should be obvious why protecting a thin band of what remains of… Read more »