Week of February 16


More important than ever to keep our community parks Sir: Regarding the piece on Baxter Park, “A council Q&A – should Sarnia sell off its surplus land?” With respect, I think The Journal asked the wrong question and effectively missed the whole point of the matter. Over the past several years “Baxter Park,” to those… Read more »

Opinion: Let’s be grateful for Trump’s attempt to keep out terrorists

The Blue Water Bridge, looking east from Port Huron, Michigan in Point Edward. 
Glenn Ogilvie file photo

Peter Clarke Social and the liberal left media have gone ballistic over U.S. President Donald Trump’s immigration crackdown. There has been more outrage from the left over his so-called Muslim ban than over terror itself. More placards decrying the plight of a few tourists and travellers, than over the bodies blown apart by Islamic extremists… Read more »

Week of February 9


Kudos to all those fighting to save our parkland Sir: I want to express my gratitude to all the people of Sarnia and beyond who signed the petition opposing the selling of our parkland for urban development. C. E. Wasman Sarnia —————————————————————————————- Shame on all this city’s un-scoopulous dog owners Sir: I walk my dog… Read more »

OPINION: We can all do something to counter hatred

Open hands

Tara Jeffrey When Aruba Mahmud asks a room full of Sarnia elementary students if they think she was born in Canada, not one raises a hand. The 32-year-old outreach and education secretary for the Sarnia Muslim Association is often asked “what country are you from?” or “how do you handle the Canadian winter?” before having… Read more »

Speedy paddlewheeler gave its name to city street

The smoke-belching cruise ship the S.S. Tashmoo was once a familiar sight to Sarnians.
Photo courtesy of Sombra Museum

Phil Egan I recently spent a few hours perusing the Street Names Project, and believe it or not, the first street I looked up wasn’t my own. This brilliant work by Sarnia historians Randy Evans and Tom St. Amand is the definitive story behind the origin of Sarnia’s street names – a trove of fascinating… Read more »

Week of February 2


Landowner distinguishes between ethical, unethical hunting Sir: Re: the article, “City man seeks tougher trespass law (Jun. 26 edition). As often can happen in editing, subtle changes can change the thought behind a message. In explaining what I feel is the difference between ethical and unethical hunting, I used the term ‘killers’ in reference to… Read more »

GUEST COLUMN: Reforms underway at City Hall important and necessary

City Hall

Steve Loxton At the Jan. 16 city council meeting, two contentious items were dealt with: crossing guard cuts and an update on City Hall renovations to enhance security and separate the “political” from “administrative” areas. (For more, visit www.sarnia.ca/News-Releases/1039) Several media reports about the renovations followed. On CTV News (Jan. 17) a citizen appeared, stating… Read more »

OPINION: Crossing guards, wild boars and a Mongolian rapper

Crossing guard Philip Miller is a 14-year veteran currently controlling the intersection of Indian Road and Oak Street. Here, he helps a group across the busy intersection: Rob Bareness and his daughter Melissa Duguay, 8, Stacey Passingham and her children Lexi Dennis, 5 and Zoe Dennis, 2, in the buggy. In the dark coat is Issac Nahmabin, 9.
Glenn Ogilvie

George Mathewson Last week, city council voted to remove crossing guards hired to assist school children across seven busy intersections, primarily during the lunch hour. Yet there was no debate or warnings about the safety and legal liability, and the impacted schools agreed with the decision. Why? City staff visited the intersections in June and… Read more »