Letters: week of April 19

Millions of children have been lost to abortion Sir: Many babies have died in our local hospital, yet this never makes the papers. These babies never had their pictures in the local obituaries. No parents wrote loving tributes to a tiny life. These babies were not even given the dignity of a name. They were… Read more »

Letters: week of April 12

Let’s make a commitment to reduce single-use plastic Sir: Whatever your thoughts are about ecological justice, the reality is that the personal choices we each make on a daily basis affect the present environment, and also the one we leave behind for future generations. And it’s not just debt. I, along with a number of organizations,… Read more »

Week of March 29

What? Didn’t they say SCITS was too old to be salvaged? Sir:  Regarding the March 22 front page story, ‘Move City Hall into the SCITS building,’ it would seem that an ‘about face’ is happening for many with regard to the original urgency to close SCITS. From what I recall, in all the input and… Read more »

Letters: week of March 22

City Hall, please put the focus on cyclists and pedestrians Sir: Do we need bike lanes? Cars have dramatically reshaped our cities in their rise to dominance, but the effects of that transition are seldom talked about. They have dispersed populations, altered the form of cities by expanding the space between buildings, and diminished the… Read more »

OPINION: The day I witnessed greatness at a Barnum & Bailey circus

Susan Ward The Journal recently published a photograph that showed an elephant standing beside a man in a purple outfit on Point Edward’s waterfront. That man, Gunther Gebel-Williams, may well have been the most talented animal trainer that ever lived. Seeing his farewell tour with the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, in October of… Read more »