Letters: week of Jan. 17

Senior has warning for readers: ‘Don’t be scammed like I was’ Sir: As someone with 80 years of life experience, and having advised many friends to “watch out” for scams, I thought I was beyond being stung. So I am embarrassed to admit the following, but do so hoping it will prevent others from being… Read more »

Letters: week of Jan. 10

Heartbreaking theft of nativity scene about as low as you can get Sir: Last month we found part of our Christmas display stolen right off our front steps. It was near the front door and consisted of a large, clay chimenea containing a nativity scene. There were small pieces of cedar boughs around the figurines,… Read more »

Old newspaper ads offer enticing glimpse of life in 1938 Sarnia

Phil Egan Stories of the past aren’t the only descriptors of Sarnia rich history. Old advertisements can also bring back memories of the way things used to be. Reader Scott Brown recently dropped off an August, 1938 issue of the Sarnia Canadian Observer, and the 80-year-old newspaper was full of such reminders. Some seniors may… Read more »

OPINION: City’s Code of Conduct can’t be allowed to stifle debate

Randy Evans Sarnia’s new city council is expected to revisit the controversial Code of Conduct approved by the previous council. The Code prohibits members from making “any negative comment or insinuation” about another councillor on any personal opinion expressed anytime, anywhere and on any subject. On this issue, history can teach us many lessons about… Read more »

Week of January 3

Behavioural issues an unacknowledged problem in the classroom Sir: My niece is a teacher, one of many teachers in our family. I respect the work they do, providing guidance and education for our youth – youth that will one day become the leaders of our great country. There is an 11-year-old at my niece’s school… Read more »