One long jump

St. Patrick’s athlete Page Vrolyk falls forward after landing a long jump at the Lambton Kent high school track and field championships in Chatham last week. Vrolyk finished first in senior girls’ triple jump, second in long jump, and second in the 200-metre dash. St. Pat’s finished second overall among 16 schools. Bruce Smith, Special… Read more »

The Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

1 – What is the name of the victory goddess found on many Olympic gold medals? (Just do it to get off to a good start.)   2 – A group of local churchgoers recently helped villagers in what Caribbean island rebuild houses after Hurricane Matthew destroyed their dwellings?   3 – Who is older:… Read more »

‘Rolling office’ helps Liberal candidate Neil Wereley contend

Cathy Dobson   Neil Wereley of London was acclaimed the Liberal candidate for Sarnia-Lambton among a small gathering at a local hotel last week, one day before the filing deadline. For a man who stepped up at the last minute, Wereley, 28, sounds very confident that he can run an effective campaign. “I couldn’t be… Read more »

Independent Fanina Kodre attempting to build new party

Cathy Dobson If you’re not happy with something then make it change, says Fanina Kodre, president of the newly formed Century Party of Ontario. “If you sit back and do nothing, then you are just as guilty as everyone else,” added the 61-year-old communications specialist. “I feel an obligation to do something.” A year ago,… Read more »

Kevin Shaw says Green Party offering local voters a real change

Pam Wright Kevin Shaw says he’s running as the Green candidate this election because his personal values and those of the party dovetail nicely. “We have good policies to promote sustainability and there’s an opportunity for jobs for Sarnia-Lambton,” he said. “I want to be the voice that gets the word out there.” Shaw, who… Read more »

Two’s company

Add sandhill cranes, including this trio spotted at the Perch Creek Habitat Management Area last week, to the list of once-rare birds returning with frequency to Sarnia-Lambton. The big grey bird, which can eight 14 pounds and boast a 6.5-foot wingspan, were all but wiped out by early settlers who prized them for their meat…. Read more »