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Rugby recruiters stress safety

Barry Wright The Sarnia Saints Rugby Club wants to increase its grassroots base by changing the perception their sport is risky and unsafe. “I’ve heard all of that,” said Saints women’s roster player Lauren Wilks, referring to those who contend rugby leads to injuries and concussions because players lack equipment. “Before they let you on… Read more »

Ex-seeding expectations

More than 30,000 native seeds are being planted this spring to help rehabilitate local green spaces through Return the Landscape. Here, habitat specialist Larry Cornelis, left, and co-ordinator Shawn McKnight inspect germinating milkweed seed in the front window of 100 Christina Street North, Sarnia’s soon-to-open social enterprise centre. Seeds of 100 native species are also… Read more »

Boys of summer

A cooler than normal spring might have thrown Sarnia a curve ball, but the chill didn’t prevent Colton Cooper, a Grade 3 student at Cathcart Boulevard school, from delivering strikes during this game of catch with his dad Mike. Glenn Ogilvie

OPINION: About those offensive letters

George Mathewson I had an interesting exchange with a reader last week about free speech and what newspapers should and should not publish. It was all triggered by a March 12 letter to the editor from one Keith Patrick, who argued that homosexuality “is not normal” and that a person’s sexual orientation is a matter… Read more »

Industry leader honoured

The director of a Sarnia-based organization has been recognized internationally for his work in promoting the bioeconomy. Murray McLaughlin was one of 125 leaders from organizations in 15 countries recognized by Biofuels Digest at a recent leadership conference in Washington. McLaughlin is executive director of Bioindustrial Innovation Canada, which last year received $7 million in… Read more »

Innovative program targets obese children

Cathy Dobson Health experts in Sarnia are seeing an alarming rise in the number of obese children and intend to fight the battle of the bulge with a unique strategy for families. An estimated 9,000 children and youth under the age of 19 are overweight or obese in Sarnia-Lambton, says Shaylin Kemmerling, a registered dietitian… Read more »

Letters, week of March 26

 Writer’s “facts” show why sex-ed needed Sir:  In his letter “Personal opinions or facts?” (03/12/15) is Keith Patrick confusing his “facts” with his religious beliefs on homosexuality? When he states that the Bible is “very clear” that homosexuality is not normal he must know that Biblical scholars have asserted that Jesus made no such claim…. Read more »

GUEST COLUMN: The words you use do matter

Thea deGroot In Grade 8 I learned how to write précis, summing up a whole paragraph worth of words into a short, succinct sentence. In the subsequent years, my world learned to write sound bites, a term first recorded in 1980 and originating in political campaigns.  News clips got shorter; even commercials raced to reduce… Read more »

Artwalk: Festival of the arts picking up the pace

Cathy Dobson While most of us are just waking up to spring, Ashley Tanguay has been thinking summer for weeks now. She is co-ordinating the 13th annual Sarnia Artwalk, a festival of the arts taking place Saturday, June 6 and Sunday, June 7. The event has grown up over the years to encompass food, dance,… Read more »