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Group working to reverse Mitton Village’s economic slide

Cathy Dobson Growing concern that Mitton Village has fallen on hard times is motivating a new committee of citizens, business people and politicians to search for solutions. “It’s like the city put everything into downtown and forgot about Mitton Village,” says Trudy Hollett, who owns a commercial building at 161 Mitton St. South. While the… Read more »

Workshop to explore what’s available for teens with disabilities

Tara Jeffrey When it comes to advocating for teens with special needs, it takes a village. So says Denise Hastings, one of four speakers who will share their stories at the 2018 Transitional Fair, hosted by the Jumpstart Lambton Kent Teen Transition Committee. “When Ryan came out of high school he did some different programs… Read more »

More school closures likely as Sarnia’s population falls

Pam Wright The closure of more Sarnia schools and the creation of a one-track French Immersion school are among the options currently under consideration by Lambton Kent District School Board. The problem continues to be declining student enrolment, said superintendent Gary Girardi, who is responsible for capital planning and accommodation. “We believe if we have… Read more »

Rising temps will stress Great Lakes, computer models predict

Cathy Dobson  Imagine Sarnia-Lambton with more floods, more droughts and more heat waves. Imagine Lake Huron fish stocks declining, especially cold-water fish like trout and whitefish. Imagine livestock suffering heat stress and producing less for the meat, dairy and egg industries. Those are a few of the impacts climate change will have over the next… Read more »

Colourful “Tiger” Dunlop’s book helped populate early Sarnia

Phil Egan More than a shock of bushy red hair made Tiger Dunlop one of early Ontario’s most colourful characters. A sparkling wit, engaging personality and humour-packed writing also helped. It was said that people sought him out simply to be able to say they’d been with him. William Dunlop was born in Greenock, Scotland… Read more »

Huron Lakers win provincial bronze in London

The Huron Lakers novice boys’ basketball team won a Division 8 bronze medal at the Ontario Basketball Association Provincial Championships in London on April 8. Along the way, the eighth-seeded Lakers knocked off top-seed Markham after scoring nine straight points to win 25-23 on a buzzer-beater, and then up-ended #3 seed Durham to take the… Read more »

The Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

1 – What comic superhero resides in Gotham City?   2 – In what decade was the first in-ground cement pool installed in a private residence in what is now Sarnia?   3 – What’s the ballet term for a 360-degree turn on one foot?   4 – What local organization recently celebrated its 90th… Read more »

Trial paramedic program easing strain caused by frequent 9-1-1 callers

Cathy Dobson A surprisingly large number of local residents call 9-1-1 for help and wind up at Bluewater Health’s emergency department when it wasn’t an emergency. Many are older and have chronic conditions such as diabetes, lung disease or congestive heart failure. They need care, but not emergency care. Some call for an ambulance as many… Read more »