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Nick Barraclough delivers a serve during a game of volleyball at Canatara Beach last week. Great Lakes Secondary teacher Peter Kaija, right, arranged for the 17 students to spend one of their final phys ed classes before exams playing a friendly game on the sand. Glenn Ogilvie

The Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

1 – “He” is the chemical symbol for what element whose name is derived from the Greek word for “sun”?   2 – Mike Otis recently won a scholarship for his dedication to promoting what type of safety?   3 – In which Canadian city could you stand at the corner of Portage and Main… Read more »

Made in the shade

Alicia Rumohr and her eight-month-old daughter, Mackenzie, share a quiet moment in the dappled shade of Canatara Park. Their outing included lunch and a visit to the Children’s Animal Farm. Glenn Ogilvie

Another reason not to swim in Lake Chipican

Local wildlife photographer Ronny D’Haene was shooting in Canatara Park on May 29 when he came across this snapping turtle standing on a pathway. Snapping turtles, Canada’s largest freshwater turtle, eat aquatic plants, fish, snakes and birds and are believed to have a lifespan of 100 years or more. I have seen big ones in… Read more »

Track and field winners

The team from Northern Collegiate won the midget boys division at the Southwestern Ontario high school track and field championships in Windsor on May 24. From left are: Tristen Bhola, Caleb Mackie, Blake Foster, Anthony Smith, Aiden James, Andrew Cook, Rohaan Syan and Fisher Beaubien. Bruce Smith, Special to The Journal

Local Italian immigrant experience to be permanently archived

Jake Romphf A federal grant will allow the stories and photos of 25 Italian-Canadian immigrants to Sarnia be curated and digitized in a permanent archive. The work is being done by the Italian-Canadian Archives Project, a charity headed by Sarnia’s Caroline Di Cocco with branches in Calgary, Winnipeg, Montreal and other Canadian cities. “Their lives… Read more »

Sarnia from space

This image shows the cities of Sarnia and Port Huron as seen from the International Space Station as it passed about 400 kilometres above the earth. It was taken by the station’s current commander, NASA astronaut Drew Feustel, a Michigan native with dual Canadian-U.S. citizenship. Sarnia and Point Edward are seen here above the St…. Read more »

Week of June 14

Centennial Park cost overruns have cost Sarnia taxpayers million of dollars Sir: Margaret Misek-Evans is the Chief Administrative Officer of an administration at City Hall that hired a contractor to build a new boat launch that had never built a boat launch before, and which was responsible for massive overruns on the Centennial Park remediation… Read more »

Australian city taps Sarnia for tips on creating bio-fuel industry

Jake Romphf An Australian city looking to set up a bio-fuels industry sent a delegation to Sarnia recently to see how it’s done. Matt Burnett, the mayor of Gladstone, Queensland, said Sarnia and his city have much in common, including heavy industry, a location on the water, and similar sized populations. “I want to see… Read more »