Waterfront owners say there’s another side to right-of-way fight

Cathy Dobson Dan Lambert’s family has owned waterfront property in Bright’s Grove for generations, and he’s not ready to concede an old road right-of-way belongs to anyone else. “We’ve never worried or had issues with people walking along the right-of-way, but this is my family’s heritage,” says Lambert. “I don’t like the city coming in and… Read more »

Just add water

A slew of fishing boats, power boats and passing ships dotted Lake Huron early in the morning before the heat of the day.

Teen’s 3D printing business can produce just about anything

Cathy Dobson Seventeen-year-old Jared Waller has a unique opportunity to do something he loves while running his own business this summer. Waller is one of three high school students in Sarnia approved to operate their own companies, assisted by the Ontario government’s Summer Company Program and facilitated by the Sarnia-Lambton Economic Partnership. They each receive… Read more »

Big Daddy to operate arena food stands

A contact to run the concession stands at Sarnia and Clearwater arenas has been awarded to Big Daddy Foods. The three-year deal will pay the city a total of $13,500. The parks department couldn’t find an operator in 2016 because the growing number of drive-through restaurants had cut into concession stand margins. The owner of… Read more »