Family ditches possessions, begins hike to help youth

Larry, Amanda and Heaven-Lee Morten, of Corunna, are about to hike from Mexico to Canada in support of youth mental health.
Submitted Photo

Troy Shantz A Corunna family has liquefied its assets and booked six months off work to hike the Pacific Crest Trail, all in the name of mental health awareness. “My whole thoughts and reasoning behind picking the Pacific Crest is because it’s supposed to be the most mentally hard trail,” said Amanda Morten, who is… Read more »

Canada’s 150th first big event in Centennial

The new stage, concession and washrooms are taking shape in Centennial Park.
Glenn Ogilvie

Cathy Dobson Sarnians will have a lot to celebrate this Canada Day as the fences surrounding Centennial Park come down after four years and the community marks the country’s 150th birthday at the waterfront . “We are set to do a ramped-up version of Canada Day activities in Centennial Park,” says Ryan Chamney, the city’s… Read more »

Sarnia’s ‘Ghost Fleet’ of shipwrecks featured in new book

Jim Stayer, part of Kohl's shipwreck-hunting team,
studies a metal lightbulb protector on the wreck of the YAKIMA.
Cris Kohl Photo

Troy Shantz Hidden on the bottom of Lake Huron just north of Sarnia lies a “Ghost Fleet” of shipwrecks being featured in a Canada sesquicentennial project. The book, ‘Canada’s 150 Most Famous Great Lakes Shipwrecks,’ was written and photographed by Windsor-based scuba divers Cris Kohl and Joan Forsberg. “The goal (is) to educate people, to… Read more »

Sarnia’s neighbours not happy about lack of communication

Flaring like this is a common safety procedure at many Chemical Valley industries.
Troy Shantz

Troy Shantz What Imperial Oil is calling an “internal issue” on Feb. 23 that erupted in flames visible 50 kilometres away has once again highlighted a need for better public communication, Port Huron officials say. “We’ve seen burn-offs before, we’ve seen fire coming out of a couple of the stacks, but we’ve never seen anything… Read more »

The Sarnia Journal trivia challenge


1 – What is the first name of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s wife? 2 – Opened in 1949, what building is known locally as the Brock Street Barn? 3 – Two planets in our solar system have no moons?  Name one of the planets. 4- On April 2, a special cenotaph ceremony and a dinner… Read more »

“Rowdies” put end to dances on romantic rooftop pavilion

The Northern Navigation Company's garden pavilion on Sarnia's riverfront. The pavilion, which allowed passengers to board the company's luxurious cruise ships, is seen here shortly after it opened in 1909.
Louis Pesha photo, courtesy of Sarnia: More Picture History, by Glen C. Phillips.

Phil Egan It promised to be the “event of the season.” All across Sarnia people were excited by the news. The beautiful and elegant Northern Navigation Company’s pavilion was set to open that night for a series of weekly dances. With soft breezes wafting off the St. Clair River and the popular McKanlass Orchestra setting… Read more »

How do you solve a problem like Maria?

Maria Charlotte Vidal

Tom St. Amand A resident of Maria Street recently asked why the name of his street is pronounced “Ma-RYE-ah” and not “Mar-EE-ah.” It is confusing, especially since we’re more accustomed to Mar-EE-ah: Maria Sharapova, Maria Callas, Maria Shriver. Popular songs like “Maria” from West Side Story and The Sound of Music’s “How do you solve… Read more »

Mild winter weather enjoyable for most – but not all

This aerial photo shows Stag Island in an ice-free St. Clair River on Saturday, Feb. 18, when temperatures soared to a record 18.9 C (66 F), surpassing the previous record high by nearly six degrees.
Drone photo, courtesy of David Cooke, inskyphoto.com

Troy Shantz and George Mathewson The balmy temperatures and remarkably ice-free waters around Sarnia this winter may have people smiling, but they could signal trouble ahead for some crops and wildlife, officials say. An early spring in 2012 followed by a hard frost wiped out 80% of the apple crop and 90% of the cherry… Read more »

Sarnia uneasy as cap and trade enters next phase


Troy Shantz and George Mathewson Sarnia is in the crosshairs of Ontario’s new ‘Cap and Trade’ system and that’s casting a cloud of uncertainty over the entire local economy, officials of all stripes say. Some 24% of Ontario’s industrial greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are generated locally, led by some of the largest employers in Sarnia… Read more »