Ice fishing?

An angler hooks into a small fish while drift fishing in the St. Clair River at Sarnia last week. Despite the icy conditions, boat anglers from both sides of the border have been testing their luck in the river for several weeks now. Glenn Ogilvie

The Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

1 – In a 2008 survey, 58% of British teens thought that what fictional literary character was real? 2 – Matt Heuther, a Northern grad, is a writer and executive producer of what popular Canadian TV series (on Netflix and the Family Channel)? 3 – Goldeneye was whose first film as James Bond, 007? 4… Read more »

Another $6 million approved to fix troubled Donohue Bridge

Pam Wright The next chapter in the seemingly never-ending saga of repairs on the Donahue Bridge is about to begin. City council has green-lighted another $6 million for the bridge, which is about to undergo its eighth major reconstruction since 1982. About 7,000 vehicles a day cross the Donahue, the main link between Sarnia and… Read more »

Downtown pub and music hall owners decide to call it a day

Cathy Dobson It definitely feels like déjà vu. But this time, there’s a happy ending. Tom and Marian Bunton have sold their restaurant and concert hall at 146 and 148 Christina St. North after 18 years in the downtown core. Before the Buntons purchased it in 2000, their building housed several inns, galleries, eateries, and… Read more »