More organ donations offer reason to celebrate

Tara Jeffrey The Sarnia Organ Donor Awareness Group (SODA) has good reason to celebrate. The grassroots charity recently announced the lineup for its flagship fundraiser, Jazz & Blues in the Village, just as news broke that a record number of Ontario families saved lives last year through organ and tissue donation. “These days, when we… Read more »

What’s happening events must be open to the public, of general interest, 60 words or less, and received at least two weeks prior to the event. Please include ticket prices, if any, and a phone number or website where readers can obtain more information. Email notices to info@thesarniajournal.ca Wednesday, Aug. 12 Nerf Olympics Team-based play… Read more »

Launch of Bioamber plant signals new day in the Valley

George Mathewson When a small start-up company with powerful backers opened the largest plant of its kind on the planet in Sarnia last week it signalled a compass shift in the Chemical Valley. Bioamber Sarnia is using corn syrup – not petroleum – to make a sugar-like substance at the $186-million (CDN) facility on Vidal… Read more »

Is ‘Big Tom’ on the move again?

Journal Staff Now that the mystery of the old cannon in Canatara Park has finally been solved a scheme is afoot to move it. City council has endorsed a tentative plan to relocate “Big Tom” from the central field at Canatara to Veteran’s Park, beside Sarnia Library. A citizen group researching its history has confirmed… Read more »

The Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

1 – Which controversial Canadian is known by the nickname “Grapes”? 2 – St. Pat’s grad Adam Mckinnon has played on what local gridiron team for the last ten seasons? 3 – What author was the first person to become a billionaire just by selling her books? (She then lost her billionaire status because she… Read more »

Can Am Jam brings ‘straight ahead jazz’

Cathy Dobson Sarnia’s George Delgrosso says he’s a lucky man. At 85 years old, he’s been able to pursue his passion for education, having served as Lambton College’s first president for a dozen years in the 1960s and ‘70s. He’s also had equal opportunity to pursue his love of music, particularly jazz. Born in the… Read more »

OPINION: Why city council earns an “F” on roads

George Mathewson If you’ve been living under the happy delusion the city might fix your potholed street anytime soon, you might want to stop reading now. I have bad news. Sarnia has no plans to resurface a single residential street this year. As in nil, zip, zilch. And next year? The number of residential streets… Read more »

New project breaking business barriers one step at a time

Tara Jeffrey One step is all it takes – to make a business completely inaccessible for someone with a disability. “There are still a lot of places I’m not able to go into,” said Dan Edwards, who is helping spread the word about StopGap – a Community Ramp Project underway in Sarnia-Lambton. “Most people know… Read more »