The Sarnia Journal trivia challenge


1 – Which acid gives lemons and limes their sharp taste? 2 – Subtitled “The History of Sarnia’s Bravest,” Phil Egan’s latest book is the history of what local group? 3 – In what Ontario city did The Tragically Hip form their band? 4 – Fantastic!  Great Lakes Secondary grad Joy Shah recently won a… Read more »

New flower shop carries on a 50-year business tradition

Paulina Dillon at the new Paulina’s Flower Shoppe on Murphy Road.
Cathy Dobson

Cathy Dobson Sarnia’s Paulina Dillon is all about new trends and fresh approaches, but she also honours tradition. Her front counter at the new Paulina’s Flower Shoppe is a good example. It displays funky new cards and jewelry and a few unique arrangements, alongside an info board explaining her shop was home to Buchner’s Flowers… Read more »

Home for the medically fragile preparing to expand

DSC_2046 copy

Cathy Dobson A unique home in Sarnia’s north end where medically fragile residents enjoy exceptional quality of life is about to nearly double in size. Standing Oaks is the name of the grey brick bungalow that will soon add four bedrooms, bringing total capacity to nine residents, says Dave Ashdown, a board member at Community… Read more »

Businesses hoping to improve communication with City Hall

City Hall 2

Troy Shantz Four Sarnia businesses have launched an ‘Independent Business Consortium’ in a bid to improve communication with City Hall. “This is a group of independent businesses who are just looking to come together to present issues or concerns proactively,” said member and spokesperson Scott Palko. Palko, the owner of the Sarnia marketing and design… Read more »

Sarnia plant could help revolutionize bottled water industry


Troy Shantz A California startup hoping to transform the bottled water industry by producing a renewal bottle is building its steppingstone plant in Sarnia in part to capitalize on local expertise, its CEO says. “One of the reasons why we picked Sarnia was because thelabour force is highly-skilled and knows how to do exactly the… Read more »

The Sarnia Journal trivia challenge


1 – A snooker table has how many pockets? 2 – The current home of the Sarnia Journal, built in the mid-1850s, was the original home of Henry Glass, Sarnia’s third what? 3 – What is a large tent called when it is used to house a circus? 4 – According to City Hall’s Forestry… Read more »