New tutoring service opens with 14 teachers

Cathy Dobson Sahar Nasr, owner of a new business called Math Plus Tutors, apologizes as our interview starts because a workman is installing a fire alarm for the deaf that comes equipped with a strobe light. It’s a small interruption as Nasr makes improvements to her offices on the ground floor at 805 Christina St…. Read more »

Major dealership overhaul now complete

Cathy Dobson A $4-million reconstruction of Bailey Toyota on Confed makes the entire dealership feel like the pristine interior of a new car. It’s sleek, spotless and roomy. “A lot of the investment was to make it more comfortable and convenient for our customers,” says President Brian Bailey. “For our staff, it’s a better layout,… Read more »

BUSINESS JOURNAL: Old Taylor’s site now a creativity co-op

Cathy Dobson Four local businesses have collaborated to make downtown’s historic Taylor’s Furniture building a going concern again. Taylor’s, an enormous three-storey retail landmark, was built in the 1920s as a grocery and liquor store and was the scene of the infamous shooting of bank robber Red Ryan. The Taylor family opened their furniture store… Read more »

Meat store offers wild boar, deer, rabbit

Cathy Dobson Totally Game Meat has opened in downtown Sarnia and is believed to be the only Ontario retailer selling non-traditional meats and poultry. Numerous suppliers sell bison, elk, wild boar and other products, and some are available at farmers’ markets, but Megan and Diane Hadley say their shop is the only retail outlet for… Read more »

New business offers great escape

Cathy Dobson Looking for an escape? A new Sarnia business literally has the answer. Sarnia Escape opened this month and is already turning away business on weekend nights. The gluten-free café on the corner of Devine and Indian Road, not only offers board games for the entire family, but has also introduced escape room entertainment to the… Read more »

BUSINESS JOURNAL: Makeup artist comes full circle

Cathy Dobson When she was pregnant, Heather Lapier had every intention of resuming her job as vice president of a local marketing firm when the maternity leave ended. “I thought I’d go back to work when Luke was six months old,” said the first-time mom. “But when he was three months old I started to… Read more »

BUSINESS JOURNAL: Tea for two and two for tea

Cathy Dobson A local couple has put her sales background and his buying expertise together to form a new business they call Infusion’s Tea. “In the first seven days after we opened, we did enough sales to support the business for the month,” said owner Allan Wilson. He and partner Cheryl Scollard say they are… Read more »

Photographer brings style to the altar

Cathy Dobson A local photographer making a name for himself in the wedding and portrait field is also drawing attention from the wider Canadian industry. Daniel McQuillan, 27, has been named a Top 30 Under 30 wedding and portrait photographer by the Canada Photo Convention. “This is the first time I submitted anything for an… Read more »

New yoga studio opens in Bright’s Grove

Cathy Dobson   For Nicole McColl, practicing yoga and meditation is a lifesaver. “At the very least, it’s a life-lengthener,” says the 36-year-old mother of two. The owner of the new Saat Lune (Seven Moons) Yoga Studio in Bright’s Grove has an extensive background in palliative care and hospice nursing, management and teaching. She knows… Read more »

Pals create one-stop shop for little performers

Cathy Dobson Sonia Odorico and Rina Barker say their friendship and new business partnership are not surprising given all they have in common. Both women are Italian. They both have three children and met years ago when their daughters started dance classes, then discovered both have twins and husbands named Mike. In June, Odorico and… Read more »