Introducing Mediterranean cuisine, one plate at a time

Cathy Dobson Adnan Joudeh wants to introduce Sarnians to his Mediterranean cooking that he says is a healthy and tasty alternative to western fare. But he knows that in addition to offering falafels, shwarma and tabbouleh, his new diner also needs to cater to customers who want traditional choices like omelettes, burgers and wraps. “I… Read more »

If the shoe fits wear it, new store owner says

Cathy Dobson Many shoe shoppers have never learned the value of having their feet measured, says new storeowner Deb Hartwick. “They are ruining their feet if their shoes don’t fit right,” she said. “I was taught how to fit shoes properly and had good teachers in retail to learn from. “I can educate my customers.”… Read more »

Pizza gamble pays off with second outlet

Cathy Dobson A month after opening the takeout pizzeria Rondo’s Pizza Plus on Rosedale, co-owners Dan Di Cocco and Kerry Kulak are thinking of expansion. “We weren’t expecting to be this busy so soon,” said Kulak, Di Cocco’s fiancé. In fact, Rondo’s on Rosedale has already reached financial targets set for nine months down the… Read more »

New business delivers organic produce to your door

Cathy Dobson Sarnia’s Laura Manzano says she never pictured herself a business owner. Yet seven months after establishing her Organics Live grocery delivery franchise, she has already achieved her one-year sales goal. “I didn’t have an entrepreneurial mindset,” said the supply teacher, who is a married mother of two preschoolers. But when Manzano decided she… Read more »

Group of 20-somethings launch downtown marketing firm

Cathy Dobson The creative director behind Sarnia’s newest marketing firm says he doesn’t like doing things the conventional way and that’s what will make the venture successful. “We are the only agency this young in Sarnia,” says Liwordson Vijayabalan. At age 20, he opened the doors to Tomorrow Media and Creative Marketing in early May…. Read more »

Bluewater Dance Academy ready to step it up

Cathy Dobson Emily Brown and Skyler Clark – old friends and new business partners – watched happily as the specialized flooring arrived for their new dance studio. “We’re putting in a spring floor that will provide give, especially for dancing,” said Brown. “We just can’t wait to get started.” The women, both 24 and raised in… Read more »

Time to get a burger with that beer

Cathy Dobson   Nathan Colquhoun and his fellow investors behind Sarnia’s successful Refined Fool microbrewery believe if you want to succeed downtown you need to start small and grow with demand. Which is why they’re entering the restaurant business this month with a burger truck on a strip of land they purchased on Davis Street,… Read more »

New cake shop brings French pastries to Point Edward

Cathy Dobson For years now, Cathy Harris’ dreams have been filled with visions of fine French pastries and designer cakes. Two weeks ago, those dreams became reality with the opening of Cassie’s Cottage Cakes & Confections on Louisa Street in Point Edward. In the new kitchen of Cassie’s Cottage, a sign tells the story: Dream… Read more »

Restaurant opens in revamped Dante Club

Cathy Dobson New management, renovations and some innovative ideas have reinvigorated the 58-year-old Dante Club, improved finances and added 175 new members in the past year. At a time when cultural clubs in Sarnia are dwindling, the growth of the Dante Club is staggering. Catering sales in the last year have jumped 500%, says board… Read more »

Zen Beach wellness centre opens on Lake Huron

Cathy Dobson Two Sarnia high school teachers with a penchant for healthy living have pooled their skills and opened Zen Beach Wellness Centre on Lake Huron. Laura Cicchini, 38, teaches science at St. Pat’s and is a certified nutritional coach. At her centre, she offers services focused on overall wellness, vitality and healthy eating. She is… Read more »