Welcome to The Journal, Sarnia’s community newspaper.

Delivered each week to 30,000 households in Sarnia, Brights Grove, Point Edward and Corunna, The Journal is a fiercely local and truly independent publication offering the stuff our neighbours really want to read about.

We’re also a rapidly growing, full-colour product giving advertisers cost-effective print and online options.

All of us live in the immediate Sarnia area, and everything we do – writing, photography, layout, sales, graphics, accounting (excluding printing) – is done right here.

Daryl Smith, Paul Brown and George Mathewson created the Journal in March of 2014. They and fourth partner Marc Roberts bring a century of expertise in newsgathering, publishing, sales and distribution.

We are The Sarnia Journal

Nice to meet you!



Paul Brown, The Sarnia Journal Karen Callies, The Sarnia Journal Cathy Dobson, The Sarnia Journal
Paul Brown
Sales Manager
Karen Callies
Sales Consultant
Cathy Dobson

Kelly Dowswell, The Sarnia Journal Suzanne Gulvin-Smith, The Sarnia Journal George-Mathewson-200x300
Kelly Dowswell
Suzanne Gulvin-Smith
George Mathewson

Glenn Ogilvie, The Sarnia Journal Stephanie McLachlin, The Sarnia Journal Daryl Smith, The Sarnia Journal
Glenn Ogilvie
Stephanie McLachlin
Graphic Artist
Daryl Smith
General Manager

Brian Waring, The Sarnia Journal marlene-bain-200x300 Valerie-Farrenkopf-200x300
Brian Waring
Sales Consultant
Marlene Bain
Sales Consultant
Valerie Farrenkopf
Graphic Artist

Marc Roberts, The Sarnia Journal Tara-Jeffrey-200x300 tyler-viscount-200x300
Marc Roberts
Tara Jeffrey
Tyler Viscount
Graphic Artist

Brian Waring, The Sarnia Journal troy-shant-200x300
Phil Egan
Troy Shantz